Welcome aboard the SSV Mass Affection—a husband-and-wife podcast discussing a play-through of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3! (Maybe someday Andromeda, too—but we have a lot of ground to cover first.)

Who are we?

Well, we’re just nerds, really (though Chris is already an accomplished podcaster, and Jaimie has an amazing voice). But we love Mass Effect. We’ve sunk many, many hours into the game together over much of the last decade. Chris played the original Mass Effect when it came out a decade ago in 2007, and Jaimie watched him play various repeat play-throughs of ME, ME2, and ME3, including a run where Jaimie made all the decisions and Chris just did the mechanics. We’ve spent the last five years talking about it—everything from characterization to plot to game dynamics.

So we thought: why not talk about it with an audience? So… thanks for being our audience!

The play-through plan

We’ll be playing in sequence through the main and character plots for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3. Once we finish that, perhaps we’ll dive into Andromeda!

The current plan is to do all the main story missions, a few selected side plot missions of interest (Helena Blake, Conrad Verner, etc.), and a few crucial DLC items (see below). We’ll also let sponsors support side missions if so desired.

DLC we plan to tackle:

  • Mass Effect
    • Bring Down the Sky
  • Mass Effect 2
    • Zaeed
    • Kasumi
    • Shadow Broker
    • Arrival
  • Mass Effect 3
    • From Ashes (Javik)
    • Citadel

DLC we plan to skip (but in some cases will let sponsors support):

  • Mass Effect
    • Pinnacle Station
  • Mass Effect 2
    • Crash Site
    • Overlord
    • Firewalker
  • Mass Effect 3
    • Omega
    • Leviathan